Bent Rods Fishing - Always in Pursuit Ep 24 'Pimpin'

Rod sits down with Danena and Matt to discuss the close of the 2016 salmon season and the start of the steelhead season. Rod also brings on special guest Danny Colville to talk about centre pin reels, steelhead fishing on the West and East coasts, plus a whole bunch more of incredible info.

Be sure to check out Danny's reels and more here:

Tight lines and bent rods. 

Always in Pursuit Episode Twenty-Three: Their Teething

Rod sits down with Nate (Gakto) and Matt and talks about teething Chums, Sturgeon fishing, finding Coho's on the Harrison, and his new fishing rod for twitching... The Fish Pimp!

Rod and Nate also share about their trip up to the Thompson, and one client even told us all how we needed to let that float wait a long time before you set the hook.

Always in Pursuit Episode Sixteen: The Attic Blow

Rod, Danena and Matt sit down to talk about the Attic Blow... the ARCTIC BLOW that was hitting the river this week. They also talk about steelhead fishing, fishing jigs, colorados and Rods favourite bait casting and centre pin set-ups. They also cover the latest media updates on movies, TV and music. It was a bit of everything on this episode.