Frequently Asked Questions


1) Q: What do we do if we have to go to the washroom during our fishing trip?
A: There is an outhouse at Island 22 Boat Launch, so if your trip starts there, you can use that first thing before heading out.
If the boat happens to be fishing near Island 22 throughout the day, just ask your guide and they will deliver you for a pit stop.
Aside from that, it is a ‘nature experience’! You can either request a drive to shore to find a private bush… or tinkle off the side of the boat or into the on board bucket. Whichever you are most comfortable with!|
Unfortunately, there is no super great option here!

2) Q: What is included in the lunches/who makes the lunches?
A: Typically lunches include a sandwich, salad, and 2 snacks (usually chips and 2 cookies). Drinks are not included. Rod keeps bottled water on his boat for guests, but if you are fishing with one of our assistant guides- they may not have this.

3) Q: Can we do a 4 or 6 hour fishing trip?
A: At Bent Rods we only offer full 8 hour days.

4) Q: If I have somebody coming on the trip who isn’t fishing- do I have to pay for them?
A: Yes. Our rate is based on the number of people attending, regardless of whether they actively fish or not.

5) Q: Can my young child come fishing?
A: Children are welcome on the boat! The cost is the same for a child as an adult.
Important: We ask that you please bring your own life jackets for any children under 10 years old.

6) Q: Can I buy/pickup a Bent Rods tackle order on the day of my fishing trip?
A: Bent Rods tackle orders are all sent by mail to avoid complications and confusion.
We totally understand that it seems like no big deal to bring it along on the day of your fishing trip and would help to cut out the cost of shipping…but based on previous attempts at this, it just doesn’t work out very well and can result in things being forgotten for your fishing trip!

7) Q: How do I get my fishing license?
A: Fishing licenses must be purchased online prior to the day of your trip. All anglers must have a PAPER COPY of their licenses with them on the boat.

8) Q: Do you guarantee catching fish?
A: Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River and surrounding Rivers is quite productive. However, due to uncontrollable circumstances it is possible that there will be a day that we don't catch a Sturgeon… Such is the nature of fishing.
Salmon fishing is based on returning fish, and in the event that returns are low, we will notify you that fishing is not optimal before the day of your fishing trip.
Steelhead fishing trips are aimed mainly towards providing you with the skills and know-how to catch fish in your independent expeditions afterwards. A day of Steelheading with Rod will most definitely cut your learning curve dramatically. We do aim for the ideal conditions, because we certainly want to give you the best possible chance at catching during your guided day. Steelhead trip dates often require adjustment to accommodate this.

9) Q: Do you provide waders?
A: All of our guides boats have waders available.

10) Q: What is the best time for Sturgeon fishing?
A: Sturgeon fishing is quite reliable from mid March until December.
-Between mid March and mid May we catch good numbers of Sturgeon in all sizes.
-From the middle of May until the end of August we catch less numbers of Sturgeon, but some of our largest fish are caught during this time period. Also during this time, the fish fight extremely hard and jump more due to warmer water temperatures.
-Between the beginning of September and the end of November, we once again catch a good mix of small and large fish.
(Timeframes are approximate, based on previous years, but not set in stone as we are working with nature, which is everchanging.)

11) Q: Do you fish in the rain?
A: In the Fraser Valley rain is very common. The only weather conditions in which we would cancel your trip, would be extreme wind.

12) Q: Do you have left handed reels?
A: For Salmon fishing, the spinning reels provided can be switched to use left handed. All Sturgeon reels provided are right handed. If you require a left handed reel, you are welcome to bring your own.


13) Q: Why is the eye of my hook filled in, and how do I fix it?
A: During the painting process, the eye of the hooks can sometimes become filled in with paint. For smaller lead heads, a small sharp object can be used to clear out the eye. Larger lead heads are double baked to ensure extra durability. For these, you will need to use a hot pin to push the paint out.

14) Q: The paint is chipped on my Jig- can I return it?
A: Yes! Our jigs are hand made and pass through multiple quality checks before they leave the door- but we are only human, and the occasional broken hook or paint chip will slip by.
The inspiration to start the Bent Rods jig line was born back around 2002 when Rod started jig fishing and wasn’t able to buy a jig that was hardy enough for his hard core fishing! So this is important to us!
If there is a manufacturing issue with any of our tackle, we will absolutely replace it.
Please use common sense. Typical wear and tear or improper use will not warrant a replacement.
If your purchase was made at a tackle store, let them know and they will quite likely replace it on the spot (we 100% reimburse the stores for that).
If your purchase was made directly from us, or your tackle store is non responsive to your concern, contact us directly by email.
*You will be required to mail your faulty product to us, and upon receipt we will mail replacement.

15) Q: What type of knot should I use to tie my Jig on?
A: For Jigs fished under a float use a loop style knot. For a Twitching Jigs use an improved clinch knot.
For demonstrations go to our YouTube page.

16) Q: The hook broke on my Jig- can I return it?
A: See Question #14

17) Q: Can I pick up my tackle order from Bent Rods/Do you have a store?
A: Bent Rods products are carried in various tackle stores, as listed on our website.
We do not have a Bent Rods physical store location for customer access. All direct tackle orders are sent by mail via Canada Post.

18) Q: Where do you get the parts for your Jigs?
A: From high quality manufacturers in North America.
Please don’t bother asking for more details. That is kind of like asking a lady’s age, or for a secret family recipe.

19) Q: Can I buy just the pins/beads/hooks without the whole kit?
A: No.

20) Q: Can I order from you in bulk?
A: We do not offer products in larger batches than stated online, but you can certainly order multiples!
We offer a 20% discount for all orders over $250 before tax and shipping (code to apply: BIGORDER). This is our version of a guide or bulk discount.

21) Q: How long will it take to receive my tackle order?
A: If we have all of your ordered items in stock, your order should ship within the week that it was placed. For custom orders it may take slightly longer.