The Coho Salmon, also referred to as the Silver Salmon, is one of the most highly sought after game fish of the Pacific Ocean and the many rivers that run into it.

Coho Salmon are beautiful deep bodied Salmon with bright silver sides and dark blue backs.  They are world renowned for line burning runs and high flying acrobatics. These strong fighting fish can be caught with a long list of techniques and using the appropriate gear, be quite the handful to the angler.

The Rivers of the Fraser Valley see large returns of Coho Salmon in the fall months.  Starting in mid September, the first waves of Coho Salmon will push into the Fraser River on large tides or after a good rain.  As the leaves begin to fall off the trees and the days grow shorter, the runs of Coho will increase daily well into late October.  Towards the end of October and into early November the fattest , hardest fighting Coho Salmon, know as Northerns will arrive and lucky anglers will battle with some of hardest fighting, deep bodied Coho of the year.

Bent Rods Guiding is your ticket to Fraser River Valley Coho Salmon action. Not only do we provide fantastic guided trips for Coho Salmon but we are committed to providing the best quailty fishing lures for catching these fish.  Our tackle store is your one stop shop for Coho salmon gear.  As we like to say at Bent Rods, “find em with Spinners, slay em with Jigs”.


Oct. 1st- Nov. 15th 2019
in the Vedder, Harrison, and Dewdney Slough

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As the light rain trickles down your gortex rain coat, you hear your guide Rod say “one just rolled by the log over there”.  You have 3 nice Coho in the cooler, but that fourth fish to complete your limit is elusive.

The coho were coming fast and furious at first but now they seem to follow your Copper Spinner and turn away right beside the boat.

Rod has you quickly bring in your line, now he is tying on a gaudy purple and black jig with a devious looking grin on his face. He knows whats about to happen, and you are about to witness what years of his pursuit of Coho Salmon has taught him.

After giving you a quick tutorial on “Twitching Jigs”, Rod says “cast to that log over there”.

You make the cast, as instructed you let the Jig sink for only a few seconds and start the twitching process. On your second twitch of the Jig you feel as though you’ve hooked bottom. Rod yells “set the hook” and in an instant the water erupts with a giant flash of black and chrome. Not only have you hooked a 15 pound bar of Silver Coho Salmon, but it is proceeding to kick your butt in a way only a “northern” Coho can. After a long battle of high flying jumps and blistering runs, you slide this awesome specimen into the waiting net and soon realize it is in fact a hatchery fish.

With your limit of Coho safely in the cooler, your guide Rod says to you with a sheepish grin on his face “you ever float fish Jigs for Chum before?”



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