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Since starting our business in 2004, it has been operated from our home in Chilliwack, British Columbia. 
Keeping our business close knit, and focused on family and friends has been our priority since the beginning. We try not to take life too seriously, and do our best to stay lighthearted in our approach to all things. Because of this, we have been able to maintain genuine, personal connections with our clients while providing quality services and products. 

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Danena: Bent Rod's Wife & Secretary

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Taking care of the inner workings of the business, Danena is the other half of the entire operation. She has been by Rod's side throughout all of the stages of the business's development, and continues to make sure everything is running smoothly at all times. 


Madeleine: Office Assistant

Having recently joined our office, Madeleine is responsible for helping out with anything that needs doing, whether it be filling orders, answering the phone or responding to client emails.
If you hear a voice you don't recognize, or see an email signed "Madeleine", it is this lovely lady you are speaking to!