Where Bent Rods Jigs Started 

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After researching jig fishing being done in the US, Rod decided to give it a try for himself on the Thompson River. He ended up losing a monstrous catch due to the hooks used on the jigs being too weak, and bending completely out of shape. Having had this experience, he realized that he had an opportunity to share this fishing technique with other fishermen, while at the same time vastly improving the quality of the jigs that were available to them. Our jigs have been hand tied by our friends and family in the Lower Mainland ever since.

Rod was so devastated after losing that enormous Steelhead, that he saved two of the bent out hooks, to commemorate the experience!

This phrase we use is not just a catchy line.  It is precisely the inspiration we used to begin making jigs, and the one we are committed to upholding every day.
"Designed to meet the demands of hardcore fishing!"